The content of this blog  is self studied and some are acquired from informal learning in every day life. Every details herein is limited on general knowledge researched and reviewed from the world wide web and translated by the author in his own point of view and does not include the actual training taken from the author's company he is working at. Therefore the author is not subject to any violations nor any consequence regarding unauthorized disclosure of confidential information.

While every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained in this blog is correct, the author  perhaps, commits false information or misperceptions that might misguide the readers especially the students and so any reader who discovers any mistake are highly appreciated and are encourage to speak out and correct the mistakes on the comment box provided. The author therefore reserves the right to counter argue based from the facts and reference the content are taken from and how he interpreted it. The author also reserves the right to change any of the content of this blog from time to time.